What size Diamond to Buy for an Engagement Ring?

How big a diamond to buy for an engagement ring

This very clever graph looks at the ring finger coverage of different diamond carat weights on different ring finger sizes. What you can see is that a 0.75ct diamond engagement ring on a size 4 Finger, will look the same as a 1.25ct diamond engagement ring on a size 7 Finger. 

You can also see one of the most common combinations, ie a 1 carat diamond engagement ring on a US size 6 finger has a 39% coverage.  

Looking at this graph, you would feel confident purchasing a 0.75ct diamond engagement ring to be worn on a size 4 finger that this would not look too big or too small compared to the general public.  This is because when comparing the finger coverage to a 1 carat diamond ring on a size 6 Finger (a pretty common choice) the finger coverage is very similar.

If you want the diamond engagement ring to look larger than average, look for a ring finger coverage of over 40%.

For those with larger fingers don't worry! A Halo design give a smaller diamond greater finger coverage and are exceptionally beautiful. Please read our article here on the 5 best Halo ring designs.

I hope this graph has helped provide some clarity as to the finger coverage you are after. 

If maximum finger coverage is your main priority and you are limited in the carat size you are able to purchase, may the beautiful halo designs provide you with an alternative choice to size when looking to purchase a ring with the wow factor.  


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