Shipping & Customs

When will my item be shipped?

Your item will be shipped within 1 business day of payment being received.  Deliveries are based on business days (Monday-Friday with the exception of holidays).

What are your shipping fees?

For domestic customers express post is complimentary. 

For international customers, the cost of international parcel post is $22.  If you would like the item to be sent by international express post, please contact us.

Customs duties?

For all international buyers, please be aware of your customs duties and taxes prior to purchasing.  This cost has not been factored into the price.

What shipping service does Catherine Trenton Jewellery use?

For domestic shipments:

For items under $500 Australia Parcel Post delivery with tracking is used.

For items over $500 Australia Express Post with tracking and signature confirmation is used.

For international shipments:

International Parcel Post delivery, with tracking and signature confirmation.  In Australia the delivery system is Australia Post, once it arrives in the destination, the local carrier picks up the shipment, with the equivalent service of parcel post, tracking and signature confirmation.



Are prices negotiable?

Our Pre-Loved pieces are negotiable, within reason.  However, we find most of our successful sales will be the asking price, or very close to the asking price.  Our pricing is already very low below retail, and most customers do not want to risk losing the one off opportunity presented to them.

Our 'CTJ' items are not negotiable, but we do have discount codes available for repeat customers.


Do you offer LayBy?

Yes, we do.  Many of our customers realize our items are one off pieces, and have utilized our LayBy service to secure the item.  Please contact us via info@catherinetrentonjewellery.com for our terms and conditions.

How do you follow the store?

By clicking the link here  you will be able to follow us on Facebook.  If you also subscribe  to us you will be notified of new items as they are listed.




Do you guarantee authenticity?

We have an extremely intricate process with authenticating each of our pieces.  We have developed this process after hundreds of acquisitions of fine jewellery.  Every single piece we sell is guaranteed to be 100% authentic or your money back.  You may email us for further information on our authentication process.



What items are you looking to buy?

We are looking to purchase second hand certified engagement rings and designer pieces.  Items made of platinum and 18ct gold.   Specifically our interest includes Tiffany & Co engagement rings and any Tiffany & Co jewellery that contains platinum, 18ct gold or diamonds.  Please note, we do not purchase sterling silver Tiffany pieces.  We also are looking to purchase second hand Hearts on Fire, Cartier and Bvlgari Jewellery.

How do you determine pricing?

We are not concerned about the age of the item.  What is important to us is that the item still has proof of purchase and any supporting certification. For example, for a Tiffany diamond engagement ring, a Tiffany valuation and a Tiffany diamond certificates are of utmost importance.  For a Hearts on Fire piece, a HoF certificate of authenticity is required. Catherine Trenton Jewellery uses private sale market pricing.  This is based on our knowledge of past sales, popularity of the item and our own record of sales. Please contact us for a quote for your specific item.

What information do you require about my item?

We require a picture of your item, including any hallmarks.  Please also photograph any supporting documentation, such as a Tiffany Valuation, a Tiffany diamond certificate and a Tiffany receipt.  If you still have the original packaging, please take a photo of this as well.

I have lost my proof of purchase or Tiffany valuation, but I bought the item from the store?

If you are the original owner of a fine piece of jewellery but have lost the proof of purchase, please contact us.  We can talk you through the process of obtaining a valuation.

How do I get paid for my item?

Once an agreement has been made with Catherine Trenton Jewellery to purchase your item, we will begin the process.  We have two options for how to proceed, either payment upfront via PayPal or payment on receipt via Bank Transfer.  We can talk to you about the best way to sell your piece.

Can I just sell my item myself?

We are completely supportive of you selling your item yourself.  However from our experience we have found that people selling one off high end luxury items tend to have the following experience: not being able to sell the item, not being safe during a transaction, buyers not paying for the item, targets of scams, low ball offers and time wasters. 

We do encourage you to try and sell the item yourself if you wish and you are welcome to return to us later if required.



What is consignment?

Consignment is when you send your item to us and we sell it on behalf of you.  We photograph, polish, create and develop the add for your item.  You will receive a portion of the sale price once the item has successfully sold.

What are the consignment fees?

If the item sells on our website the payout fee is 80% of the sale price.

If the item sell on one of our affiliate marketing sites, the payout fee is 70% of the sale price due to the fees we must pay to the affiliate site.


What does the consignment fees pay for?

This covers affiliate marketing fees, as well as the cost of insurance, postage and the creation of the add.

How do you choose the price to sell my item for?

We will discuss with you a realistic selling price of what we expect to get for your item, based on our experience and market knowledge.

What if my item doesn't sell?

If you are concerned about the time it may take to sell your item, the instant cash offer may be more suitable.


Contact details:

We are most readily contactable by email, and will respond to inquiries within 1 working day.