Guaranteed Ways To Save Money on an Engagement Ring


how to save money buying an engagement ring

Vintage Tiffany & Co. Lucida Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

How to save thousands on an Engagement Ring.

1. Learn which Diamond Characteristics are Better Value for Money without Sacrificing Beauty.

I'm presuming by now you know about the 4 C's, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut.  What you need to learn are certain diamond characteristics are better value for money.  These diamonds are still, just as beautiful to the naked eye.

a) Near colourless diamonds appear colourless in the face up position.

A 'DEF' coloured diamond will always cost more than a 'GHI' colour diamond.  However face up, a lower coloured diamond still appears white to the naked eye.  A near colourless diamond is just as beautiful as a higher coloured diamond.  
Diamond colour is graded in the face down position.  No diamond is ever set upside down.  A diamond in the face up position, requires the colour to be quite a bit lower before any discernible tint is picked up.  This is due to all the beautiful facets in the diamond reflecting light, making colour harder to see in a face up diamond.
Therefore, purchasing a lower coloured diamond that still appears colourless in the face up position is much better value for money.

b) An eye clean diamond from 6 inches away will look just as beautiful as a higher clarity diamond

An Internally Flawless 'IF' stone, will always have a premium cost associated with it based on it's rarity.  A stone with a lower clarity will be significantly cheaper.
When buying a diamond, the best value for money is to purchase a diamond eye clean to the naked eye from 6 inches away.  Similar to colour, clarity from a grading perspective is very different to a buyers perspective.
An eye clean SI1 diamond will be much better value for money than an IF diamond and will look just as beautiful to the naked eye.

c) Go for a Carat weight just a smidgen below a Magic Number

You will save money buying a diamond just under a carat than one that hits the 1 carat mark.  However a 0.95ct diamond will not look too different to a 1ct diamond once set into a ring.
The same holds true for the 0.5 carat mark, 1.5 carat mark and the 2 carat mark.  By buying just under these carat weights you can save money but the overall appearance will still be very similar.

d) Don't sacrifice on cut

I personally feel an excellent or ideal cut diamond is worth the money, as a well cut diamond will face up more beautiful and brilliant than a lesser cut diamond.

2. Buy Online and Use PayPal

Online is where significant savings can be made and where extremely high quality can be found.  Without the overheads of a physical shop significant savings can be passed onto you.

The online diamond marketplace has really grown in recent years and caters to very detail oriented people with a plethora of diamonds at their fingertips.  Much more so than what you have access to in a store.  People are able to choose from thousands of diamonds and pick precisely which carat weight, colour, size, clarity, cut and certificate they want.  They can even narrow down the crown angle, pavilion angle, table percentage and depth.  Online databases accessible to the public have really changed the availability of diamonds.  
These days it is becoming more and more common to shop online.  For the educated consumer, buying a diamond ring online is a great way to save money.

PayPal is an extremely safe way to buy online.  When you purchase via PayPal you are guaranteed that the item arrives safely and that and the item is exactly as described - or your money back.  PayPal really protect the customer and the onus is on the seller to ensure your item arrives safely to you. So be assured with the protection of PayPal. 

3. Consider buying Pre-Loved

Many jewellers will market "we buy back your diamond and sell you another better quality and bigger diamond for twice the value".  This is the concept of a trade in, and very popular in the US.  So what happens to the diamond that was traded in?  The diamond is re-circulated back into production, possibly even sold in the same store. 

The same holds true for gold.  Most of the gold in circulation today has been around for a century, millennia or two.  As gold and diamonds are recirculated back into the marketplace regardless, this is certainly something to seriously consider.  

In recent years, the pre-loved luxury market has become one of the fastest growing retail sectors.  More and more people are realising the quality they can purchase with the huge savings the can make.

It is possible to purchase a premium luxury branded engagement ring such as a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring or a Cartier engagement ring at a fraction of the original price

By purchasing smart it is possible to buy the best quality diamond Engagement Ring and save thousands. 


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