Top 5 Halo Designs for an Engagement Ring

A Halo Design gives a modest sized diamond exceptional finger coverage.  A Halo Design also creates the wow factor. The beauty of the design and the presence of multiple facets in the surrounding diamonds makes the piece extremely eye catching. Here are our top 5 picks of the best halo designs. 

1. At the top of our list, is the exceptional Tiffany & Co. Legacy Engagement Ring.  This pave set milgrain halo is so beautiful and makes the 0.57ct centre look phenomenal.

Pre Loved Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring 

2. The Tiffany & Co. Double Halo Soleste is one of the most beautiful Engagement Rings by Tiffany & Co.  This design is always a show stopper.  The centre diamond is a modest 0.44ct, however the diamond double halo truly adds to the piece and creates a look truly stands out.

Pre Loved Tiffany & Co Soleste Engagement Ring

3. This Hearts on Fire Round Transcend Engagement Ring is a sight to behold. It contains a 0.50ct diamond centre surrounded by a halo of round brilliant ideal cut diamonds which dazzles from every direction. 

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

4. This Hearts on Fire Dream Cut Engagement Ring contains a modest 0.30ct diamond however with the gorgeous single halo the overall look is incredible and certainly on par with a 1ct diamond. 

what size diamond to get for an engagement ring


5. Finally this Hearts on Fire limited edition ring features an air halo surrounding a 0.50ct diamond. With a gap between the centre diamond and the diamond halo this design creates even more finger coverage.

Pre Loved Hearts on Fire Engagement Ring


As you can see when purchasing an Engagement Ring there are so many options to consider. When looking for a ring with the wow factor, this can be obtained by getting a beautiful and clever design that truly maximises the diamonds beauty.


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