Top 6 Designer Gold Bracelets and Bangles

There is something effortlessly elegant about a designer solid gold bangle.  The ultimate luxury item.  Paired with a casual outfit, a designer gold bracelet instantly elevates a look from casual to luxe.  

 Today we wanted to talk about our 6 favourite designer gold bracelets.

1. Cartier Love Bracelet - 18ct Yellow Gold

 Cartier Love Bangle

As it is impossible to talk about designer gold bangles and not mention the iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet, the Cartier LOVE bracelet is first up.  World renowned, it is a fashion icon of the 20th century and a must have accessory for anyone with a love for jewellery.  Just as the Tiffany & Co. 6 Prong Diamond Engagement Ring is the iconic engagement ring, the Cartier LOVE bracelet is the iconic accessory. 

Not only this, but the Cartier LOVE bracelet really holds it's value as an asset.  Pre-Loved often these items sell for close to retail pricing.  As such, a piece such as this is not only a fashion accessory but a future heirloom piece.

For those wanting a smaller and less expensive version Cartier have also recently introduced the Small LOVE bracelet. .

However for us, the classic will always be the original design.  We are also lucky to have recently had in our collection, a pre-loved Cartier LOVE bracelet in 18ct White Gold.  You may view this item here.

2. Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra Bracelet - 18ct Yellow Gold

Van Cleef and Arpels Bracelet

Next in line we have the Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra Bracelet with 5 motifs.  Such a beautiful and simple motif, that has become one of the most iconic symbols in designer jewellery.  We think this piece looks lovely worn stacked with a more solid item such as the Cartier Love Bracelet or the Tiffany & Co. Etoile Bangle.

3. Tiffany & Co. Etoile Bangle - 0.22tcw Diamond and 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum.

Tiffany & Co. Etoile Bangle

The first time we saw this piece we were instantly enamoured and we are so happy to have had this item in our collection.  It is a truly luxurious piece.  A solid 18ct yellow gold, hinged bangle, with diamonds, each surrounded by a halo of platinum.  An effortlessly elegant accessory. 

4. Cartier Juste En Clou Bangle - 18ct Rose Gold

Cartier Bangle

The Cartier Juste En Clou Bracelet was not initially one of my favourite designs though a popular piece amongst fashionistas.  Recently however I was down at my local playground (with my toddler in tow) and saw one of the mothers there wearing this item.  It looked so effortlessly elegant.  A casual outfit immediately elevated to sophisticated with this one eye-catching accessory.  

5. Hermes Clic Clac - Only Gold plated

Hermes Clic Clac

The Hermes Clic Clac is not fine designer jewellery as it is a gold plated steel bangle. However it is still a popular design. The smooth elegant lines, and the iconic H symbol makes this piece a current twist on the bangle.

6. Tiffany & Co.T Bangle 18ct Yellow Gold

Tiffany T Bangle

This bangle is part of the 2016 Tiffany T collection so a relative newcomer to the scene. It also comes in a thinner version.  Streamlined and unique, the Tiffany T is making it's mark relatively quickly amongst the fashion crowd.


All lovely pieces and stunning in their own ways. Each encapsulating luxury with sophistication and class. 

Catherine Trenton Jewellery

"We Sell Vintage and Near New Diamond Jewellery from Tiffany & Co. and other Luxury Brands. With our discerning selection and authentication process you are guaranteed 100% authenticity of every luxury item purchased from us." 

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