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As a collector of Vintage and Pre Loved Branded Diamond Jewellery I also buy online as well.  It has taken me many years to become an expert in this niche trade.  This is my advice for buying Vintage or Pre-Loved Tiffany & Co and other Luxury Branded Jewellery based on my personal experience.

1. Look for good clear photos from all angles.

A seller confident in the item and the authenticity of the piece will show the item from all angles.  Tiffany & Co. diamond jewellery is extremely well made, and the workmanship of these pieces will be very refined.  Look for good clear photos from all angles, including details such as the back of the item.

2. Look for a good clear description.

A knowledgeable seller will be able to describe the item in great detail.  Look for details such as measurements, hallmarks and possibly even the weight of the items.    

3. Check the feedback of the seller.

Ensure that the sellers has a decent feedback score and that the feedback is positive.  Do not purchase from 0 feedback sellers with newly established accounts.  The only time I have ever known someone to encounter an actual scammer, was a 0 feedback eBay account.  You can read about the scam here.  Always check for feedback and ensure it is positive.

4. Check the price of the item is as expected.

Usually pre-loved jewellery will be sold for around 50% of RRP.  If the item is significantly lower than this, it usually is a sign someone is looking for a quick sale.  If it seems too good to be true it usually is.  A particular red flag is a 0 feedback seller with a very low priced item. 

5. Ensure the item is hallmarked appropriately.

Pre-loved fine diamond designer jewellery from brands like Tiffany & Co. will always have Hallmarks. Tiffany & Co. also hallmark each item that is removable. For example, if a pendant is removable from the chain, both the pendant and the chain will be hallmarked.  Another example is an earring back will be also hallmarked as well as the actual earring.

6. Check that the item is either 18ct White, Yellow or Rose Gold or Platinum. 

Tiffany & Co. diamond jewellery should be marked with the gold content.  All Tiffany & Co. fine jewellery is 18ct White, Yellow or Rose Gold or Platinum and will be marked to indicate this.

7. Ask for any paperwork, ie proof of purchase such as a receipt or letter of valuation

A more expensive item such as an Engagement Ring comes comes with quite significant paperwork.  Most buyers would hold onto this documentation so it is more likely that an Engagement Ring be accompanied by paperwork. Please see our blog article here on how to authenticate a Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring and the specific paperwork involved.

If I am purchasing a brand I am not as familiar with, I would look for items that come with paperwork.  For example, when purchasing a pre-loved Cartier Ring I may look for a certificate of authenticity and also a receipt. 

If it is a piece I am very familiar with ie. a Tiffany & Co. piece I have handled and purchased the in the past, I would be more forgiving of the seller for not having the paperwork. This is because I would be able to authenticate the piece without it.  It is also very common that receipts do fade and people do lose these over time.  

8. Ask for any original packaging

Because the Tiffany & Co. blue box is such an experience of the Tiffany buying experience, it is common that people keep the packaging.  

9. Check for any servicing of the piece at Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. only service their own items. So any piece that has been polished or checked at Tiffany & Co. is assurance that the item is authentic.

10. Ensure the item is well made.

There is a saying in the jewellery world when purchasing pre-loved to 'buy the make not the mark'.  This means that you should by an item based on quality not the the brand mark it may hold.  There is definitely a lot of truth to this and once you see a lot of designer jewellery in person it is extremely clear how good the workmanship is.

11. Don't be afraid to ask questions.  

By asking questions you will get a feel for the seller when they respond.  Do they answer promptly? Do they know the item they are selling? etc.  Trust your instincts!

12. Use PayPal to purchase the item.

PayPal has excellent buyer protection in that you are guaranteed to receive the exact item that you believe you are buying.  Always look for a buyer that accepts PayPal and don't purchase from a seller that insists you wire money.  PayPal should always be an option for you.


These days purchasing online is very safe.  Particularly in Australia.  By following my advice you will be even more informed than the average buyer.

Want to learn more about buying Luxury Pre-Loved Diamond Jewellery?  Read our blog article here on 6 reasons to buy Pre-Loved Tiffany & Co. Diamond Jewellery.


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