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Vintage Tiffany & Co. platinum jewellery from the 1980's is much heavier than platinum jewellery made today.  The reason for this is because the cost of platinum was so much lower in the 1980's than it is currently.  In fact the cost of Platinum was an incredible 90% lower than the cost of Gold, a huge discrepancy in value. 

Vintage Tiffany Engagement Ring

Jewellers working with platinum were able to be much more liberal and generous in their platinum designs because making platinum jewellery was a fraction of the cost than it is today.  The 1980's was a fantastic time for jewellers creating platinum pieces and many beautiful pieces were produced.  Without being as limited by cost, stunning, luxurious pieces, generous in platinum were created.

Platinum (Blue Line) and Gold (Red Line) Price per Ounce

In the 20th Century, platinum suddenly skyrocketed in value.  The cost of platinum became 10 times more expensive than previous years.  The cost of making all these beautiful platinum pieces also skyrocketed, becoming 10 times more expensive to produce.  Unfortunately because the cost of platinum increased so significantly many of these beautiful designs were discontinued by Tiffany & Co.  

As they are no longer being produced by Tiffany & Co. they are rarer and hard to find.  However we have been lucky to acquire a few Vintage Tiffany & Co. platinum jewellery pieces from the 1980's for our collection.  All are heavy and luxurious with generous amounts of platinum used in the design.  


Vintage Tiffany Necklace

Because the cost of platinum is so much higher now if these were to be produced again they would have a very high price tag associated with them.  Therefore, when we are presented with opportunities to acquire Vintage platinum jewellery from this time era, we jump at the chance. 

If you also love luxurious platinum designs, generous in proportions and make, we recommend you also look out for 1980's platinum pieces.  Each of the Vintage Tiffany & Co. Platinum pieces featured in this blog article have been in our collection.  Many have already sold.  If you loved platinum jewellery from Tiffany & Co., please view our collection here.


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