6 Reasons To Buy Vintage or Second-Hand Luxury Diamond Jewellery

Vintage Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring

6 reasons why you should buy luxury diamond jewellery pre-loved.

Luxury designer jewellery is a staple item of a fashionista's wardrobe.  The effortlessly elegant Tiffany & Co. diamonds by the yard necklace layered over a top, or the luxurious Cartier Love Bangle casually peeping out from beneath a shirt sleeve. Fine jewellery instantly elevates an outfit and gives an aura of class. 

Here are 6 reasons why you shouldn't buy luxury diamond jewellery brand new and buy pre-loved instead.

1. To save money

The first reason to buy pre-loved luxury diamond jewellery is the simple fact of saving money.  By purchasing pre-loved you can save thousands of dollars off the retail price. Spend the savings on a luxury holiday to Hawaii and purchase a pre-loved Tiffany & Co. Diamond Necklace. Have both for the same price as the Tiffany & Co. piece brand new.

2. Ability to re-sell again for close to your purchase price

When purchasing pre-loved you are able to re-sell again at a later date for very close to your purchase price.  This means that you are able to wear an item for a year or two for no cost!

Imagine if you bought a pair of Tiffany & Co. Diamond Earrings for $5000 brand new.  If you wore them for a year and then sold the earrings, you would lose a lot of money.

However, if you bought the Tiffany & Co. Diamond Earrings pre-loved for $2500, you could wear them for a year to various functions and events and then re-sell them the following year for close to $2500.  You could have the enjoyment of wearing the earrings to various functions for an entire year and still have the money!

3. Have flexibility in accessorising

Fine Diamond Designer jewellery from the likes of Tiffany & Co., Cartier or Bvlgari is generally not in a price bracket that we can change our pieces on a whim. By purchasing these items pre loved, the cost of the item is not only significantly cheaper you are able to be more flexible with your pieces.

By buying pre-loved, you can later re-sell your item and buy another piece instead. Maybe the Tiffany 'Return to Tiffany' White Gold and Diamond Pendant was your holy grail piece in 2016, but in 2017 the Tiffany 'Etoile' Bangle was your must have accessory. 

4. Ability to purchase previous collections

Tiffany & Co. are constantly removing pieces from their collection to make way for the new designs every year.  However the new designs are not always the most popular pieces.  Take for example, the Louis Vuitton current collaboration with Jeff Koons!

Tiffany & Co. have just launched their Hardware Collection and in 2016 they introduced the Tiffany T line. As they introduce these new designs other pieces are slowly removed from their stores. Oftentimes people's favourite piece is the item they grew up with or saw someone wearing.  It is not uncommon that a coveted piece is no longer available to purchase in store.  Buy purchasing vintage or pre-loved you have access to pieces that are no longer available.

5. Save the environment: pre-loved luxury jewellery is sustainable

These days with manufacturing at a sky high level, recycling and re-using is a benefit to our environment.  With waste increasing and pollution rising purchasing vintage and pre-loved jewellery is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

6. Potential to make money

As mentioned in my previous blog article here it's possible to make money of pre-loved luxury jewellery. It's possible, to buy a Tiffany & Co piece pre-loved, wear it for 5 years and make money at the same time!

I hope you found our top 6 reasons for why you should purchase pre-loved jewellery helpful. 

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  • Dee Claybrook on

    I love that it’s more affordable and it would allow you to get a complete set and how it is beneficial to our environment so many unused i wanted items now day why not buy pre loved

  • David Norriss on

    I like how you simply stated that a benefit of buying vintage diamonds is to save money. A vintage diamond is still a diamond just cheaper so people should go for that when buying jewelry. Thanks for this advice on how to save money when buying jewelry.

  • CTJ on

    Second hand jewellery certainly saves money. However it also gives you access to items that you may not be able to get anymore. Many Tiffany & Co. items or other luxury branded jewellery are discontinued on a regular basis. The only way to get them is second hand or pre-loved. Have fun building your collection, it is certainly an addiction :)

  • Mary Simons on

    I’ve bought my first vintage ring because I couldn’t afford the new one I had my eyes on but it soon became an addiction. Right now I’m just building my jewelry collection, there’s no way I could sell them!

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