Selling a Tiffany Ring, Cartier or Bvlgari fine Diamond Jewellery?

Selling a Tiffany Ring, Cartier or Bvlgari fine diamond Jewellery?

We are interested in hearing from you.

We have a specific interested in luxury designer jewellery and may be interested in purchasing yours to add your item to our pre-loved collection.  

Dealing with us is Fast, Reliable and Convenient.

We have a specific interest in high end pieces from luxury brands:

Tiffany & Co.

We are interested in buying Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement Rings or any Tiffany Jewellery made of platinum, 18ct Gold and containing Diamonds.  This includes high end jewellery such as pendants, earrings bracelets and eternity rings.


We are interested in buying their 18ct Gold and Diamond Jewellery including pendants, earrings and bracelets.  Particularly from popular collections such as the LOVE collection.


We are interested in Bvlgari jewellery made of platinum, 18ct gold and diamonds, ie their high end jewellery including their rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

      We do ask that you advice us o the paperwork that you have with the piece, such as certificates of authenticity from the boutique, diamond certificates and the original packaging for the items. 

      We will pay $ for your jewellery

      We know trying to sell a fine piece of jewellery is difficult.  So if you are looking to sell a pre-loved designer piece of jewellery we will make you an on the spot offer. 

      Fast, reliable and convenient. 

      • Just send us an email with a description of the item you wish to sell. 
      • Please be prepared to provide images of the item as well as any supporting documentation and packaging that you may have. 
      The more information you have on your piece, the more we are able to offer.  We guarantee to offer more than jewellers and other re-sellers.

      Please contact us for an on the spot offer:

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