Vintage Diamonds Hidden in Matt Damon's Wedding Band

Matt Damon is one of my favourite actors.  He is also a private person and rarely shares personal information about himself or his family. Recently I came across a fact about his wedding band and it's such a lovely story that I had to share.

Matt Damon's wedding band consists of a simple gold band, with 3 small vintage diamonds hidden on the inside from his grandmothers engagement ring.  His wife Lucy, has a matching band, also with 3 small diamonds embedded inside. 

Quoted from 'Press Reader':

I think this is really beautiful because it shows that when jewellery means something to you it doesn't matter what it looks like to someone else.  When it represents something to you, then it becomes special. 

Yes, we wear jewellery because it is beautiful and it looks gorgeous, but it is also most importantly something we wear because it means something to us.

Jewellery represents a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or a birthday.  Jewellery as a gift given to a loved one means so much to the receiver.  Jewellery bought for oneself may represent a goal or an achievement met.  Jewellery as an heirloom piece means so much to the family.  Pieces are precious not just because of the monetary value but because of the thought involved in the item itself.  That's what makes jewellery precious. 

Matt Damon could buy his wife anything.  With the celebrities of today competing against each other buying larger and larger engagement rings, this story really epitomizes simplicity and sentimentality.  With their marriage being one of the most successful in Hollywood it shows that you don't have to spend fortune, to have something special.

It doesn't matter if you are buying a D coloured IF, 5ct Diamond.   It matters that what you are buying is something special to you.  It matters that it is something that you enjoy and that you love and it matters that it means something to you. 

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