Selling on Facebook?

I sell online to keep my margins low. As a pre loved luxury seller, the lower price point for customers is one of the biggest benefits of the items I sell. Recently however, I have been really noticing the increase of eBay fees. The eBay fees have become so high, that payment to eBay for just one ring sale is enough for me to rent a shop for a week. That's rent a shop for a week!

Don't get me wrong, eBay is a fantastic market place. Traffic to your products is from people not only interested in your items but also customers looking to buy. 

To keep prices low, however, it has become essential for me to have an independent online presence. I need to be able to sell directly to customers, without having to rely on eBay as my primary marketplace. By dedicating the exorbitant eBay fees to my own marketing and advertising campaigns, I have a pretty decent budget to play with. My goal is to make an independent sale - I'm hoping in the next 3 months.

On eBay I have 100% feedback from over a hundred sales of luxury high end items. On eBay customers trust me when they buy online. By not selling on eBay I no longer have the automatic feedback published with every sale.

My challenge now is building up trust independent of eBay. Starting from scratch and trying to connect with people and potential customers looking to buy.

My first plan is to concentrate on my Facebook business page. I hope to increase the engagement on my business page and generate interest in my website.

24 hours ago I boosted a post for $3. So far this post has over 450 likes.

There have been clicks to my website, but no enquiry has been made. At this stage I don't see this post generating a sale. It has however generated an interest in my business page and driven traffic to my website.

My next step is to run a competition. I am buying some beautiful glassware from Tiffany & Co and plan to give this away on Facebook.

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