Selling Tiffany Diamond Jewellery or a Tiffany Engagement Ring Safely.

Vintage Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring Selling Tiffany Jewellery


Selling a diamond ring, or diamond jewellery can pose several challenges for an individual.  This is because it is a one off sale of a relatively expensive item.  I have covered some general tips on how to sell diamond jewellery here.  The biggest challenge to selling a Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring or other Tiffany Diamond Jewellery is the value of the item.  Most consumers are not comfortable buying an expensive piece of jewellery from someone they do not know.  In the same vein most sellers will also be wary of being a target of scammers.  Selling an expensive piece of second hand Tiffany jewellery or other branded jewellery is very different to selling a second hand couch.

Therefore post is specifically on staying safe.  These are tips on selling an expensive item safely. 

1. If you are Selling Diamond Jewellery Face to Face: Never meet at your home.

The safest place is to meet at a Bank or Police Station.

a) At a Bank
This is a good option as there are security cameras everywhere in a bank.  You can also have the person directly wire the money into your account while you are present.  While they are there you can verify at the bank that the funds have gone through before handing over your jewellery. 
This is a safe method as you are not handling large amount of cash in person and you have the added security that the bank provides.
b) At a police station
This is also a good option as you have the security of having the police present while the transaction is going on.  The Police are very understanding of people utilising their services for these types of transactions.  When you arrive, simply tell a Police Officer of the fact you are selling an item and wish them to be present and they will be very accommodating. 
This provides a safe method as you can also collect information from the buyer such as their drivers licence etc, before handing over the item.

2. Sell the Jewellery via PayPal and Send the item sent to the Buyer:

This is a very commonly accepted way of buying and selling these days.  

If you are sending the item PayPal allows the buyer to pay upfront.  It is a very safe method for both buyer and seller giving protection for both parties involved.  PayPal also offers buyers the protection that they will receive the item that they have paid for and allows the buyer to pay upfront.

When selling via PayPal you must follow these steps:

  1. Send the to the PayPal verified address.  This will be in the PayPal Receipt that you receive once paid.  Never send to another address as you will not be covered by PayPal seller protection.
  2. Always send the item with tracking. Registered Parcel Post and Express Post both provide tracking.
  3. Send with insurance.  You are allowed to send diamond jewellery via Australia Post and can insure jewellery.
  4. Send the item via Express Post. For only a couple dollars more, the item is usually next day delivery, eliminating the time for the jewellery to be in the post for extended periods of time
  5. Include Signature on Delivery.  This is extremely important if the item is over $750.  You want to ensure that you have confirmation that the item is received.

In my opinion this is the 100% most safest way for two individuals to complete a transaction.  This is safer than a Face to Face transaction as there is no risk that you can be robbed or threatened in person and both buyer and seller have protection given the follow the above steps. 

3. Vet your Buyer:

As with anything trust your instincts.  You can pick up a lot from someone in your communications with them.  A genuine buyer, interested in your item should have a good understanding and knowledge the item that you are selling.  This is because they have been looking around for this particular item and have found your add amongst a needle in a haystack so to speak. 

4. Sell to a collector with a specific interest in Tiffany Diamond Jewellery. 

If you are selling an expensive pre-loved item often the best option is to sell to a company with an interest in pre-loved jewellery specific to the item you are selling.  We are a company with a niche interest in Tiffany & Co. diamond. jewellery, Cartier, Bvlgari and other luxury brands.  Because we have a specific interest in these pieces we offer more than a generic jeweller because we value the design and not on the raw materials.

Many of my purchases are the equivalent of private sale prices without the seller having to go through any stress.  

If you are interested in a quote, please contact me here.


Catherine Trenton Jewellery

"We are an established boutique organisation specialising in pre-loved diamond designer jewellery from Tiffany & Co. and other luxury brands.  As experts in this niche trade we work hard to provide a safe and simple environment for buying and selling pre-loved fine diamond jewellery online.

Whether you are buying or selling a piece of fine diamond designer jewellery, we aim to provide you with the best outcome possible.

You can visit our store here."

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  • Kellie Brown on

    Hello, I have one Tiffany & co. Platinum and diamond solitaire ring, prong set with one round brilliant cut diamond weighing .19 carat, E colour, vvs1 clarity. I have certificate, warranty and receipt as well as resize record. I also have a wedding band to go with it from Tiffany & co. But I don’t have any certification for this one. From pictures and price it is likely the 2mm platinum.
    Could you please let me know if you would buy it from me and let me know a possible amount and what my next steps should be? Once I hear back from my inquiry I can email some photographs?
    Thanking you kindly

  • Dan Boyce on

    Hi, I have a One Tiffany & Co.Tiffany Soleste® pear-shaped halo engagement ring
    with a diamond platinum band i am hoping to sell. i have a recent retail price appraisal from tiffany for $34,600 which i can provide.

    would i be able to get a quote for what you would purchase this ring for?

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