How to Authenticate a Tiffany Diamond Ring using the Tiffany Diamond and Paperwork

As a follow up to last weeks post, tips to Authenticate 18ct Gold Tiffany & Co. Jewellery we wanted to follow up with Tips on how to authenticate a Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring.  Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings have several pieces of information that can be cross referenced enabling the item to be linked back to Tiffany, confirming provenance.  These tips can help provide you the reassurance you need for your purchase of an authentic Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring.  We have touched on authenticating a Tiffany Engagement Ring in the past here, but we wanted to go into more detail in this article.

We have had to edit this blog post and remove a lot of the information as we needed to protect the information due to people using this information available online.  If you in need of help authenticating an item you can contact us for this original article.


The majority of our items come direct from the original seller.  So most often we are extremely fortunate to have all the paperwork. 

    We call this the golden trifecta as it is so watertight to authenticate the item.  It is still possible to authenticate a Tiffany ring without all this information, or some of this information, but with this information you have an additional level of security.  Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings that include all paperwork will be valued at higher than an item missing this important documentation. 


    Tiffany & Co. 2.14tcw Diamond Ring

    The Tiffany Diamond Certificate

    Tiffany & Co. 1.27tcw D/VS1 Grace Diamond Ring

    The Tiffany Valuation Letter



    Tiffany & Co. 1.12ct H/VVS1 Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

    The Tiffany Receipt

    Tiffany & Co. 0.59 F/VS2 Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


    Authenticating a Diamond Ring without Paperwork

    In conclusion

    We will always prefer Tiffany Diamond Rings with paperwork however it isn't impossible to purchase a genuine Tiffany Engagement Ring without paperwork. Just ensure that you do not pay a premium if the paperwork is not included.  We feel that with all the paperwork the diamond is worth nearly 30% more in value.

    Buying from a reputable dealer will always give you reassurance and help you through this process as well.  Essentially someone who can assure you that the diamond you are purchasing is a genuine and authentic Tiffany & Co. piece.  To view our collection of authentic pre-loved Tiffany high end jewellery, please click here.


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    • PJ Weng on

      I’m thinking about buying this Tiffany ring that has #24362571 1.13CT inscribed inside this ring but have no other paperwork. Can you help to tell me more about the details of this diamond ring like cut grade, color grade and clarity grade please?

    • Edward Grace on

      Hi, I’ve recently bought a tiffany engagement ring that has all the paperwork, Certificates and box. I’m was wondering how to go about authenticating it and having it valued for insurance.



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