How to Authenticate a Tiffany Diamond Ring using the Tiffany Diamond and Paperwork

As a follow up to last weeks post, tips to Authenticate 18ct Gold Tiffany & Co. Jewellery we wanted to follow up with Tips on how to authenticate a Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring.  Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings have several pieces of information that can be cross referenced enabling the item to be linked back to Tiffany, confirming provenance.  These tips can help provide you the reassurance you need for your purchase of an authentic Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring.  We have touched on authenticating a Tiffany Engagement Ring in the past here, but we wanted to go into more detail in this article.

To start with, to authenticate a Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring you have one very big clue that will enable you to link the item to the Paperwork and link the item back to Tiffany & Co.  This is the Diamond itself.

TIffany & Co. 0.89ct G/VS1 Diamond Round Brilliant Engagement RIng

Every single diamond is different.  It is like a thumb print.  No two diamonds are exactly the same.  The simple 4 C's of diamond characteristics:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity and
  • Carat Weight

Each of these characteristics are different in every single diamond and a wonderful clue to authenticate a piece.  Even if two diamonds are graded the same Clarity, e.g. VS2, whether the clarity consists of clouds, pinpoints, feathers and the location of these imperfections are all unique.

The majority of our items come direct from the original seller.  So we most often are extremely fortunate to have the:

  • Tiffany Valuation Letter
  • Tiffany Diamond Certificate
  • Tiffany Packaging and/or Receipt

We call this the golden trifecta as it is so watertight to authenticate the item.  It is still possible to authenticate a Tiffany ring without all this information, or some of this information, but with this information you have an additional level of security.  Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings that include all paperwork will be valued at higher than an item missing this important documentation. 

Here are some tips on working through the documentation and why it is important.

Tiffany & Co. 2.14tcw Diamond Ring

The Tiffany Diamond Certificate

On the Tiffany Diamond Certificate there are several clues that link the item back to Tiffany. There are some secrets we even know about the paperwork that we are not even going to mention here to protect the pre-loved industry. Rest assured however that the paperwork both the Diamond Certificate and the Valuation letter holds some very important information.

The first piece of information is:

The diamond serial number.  This is hidden on a crown facet that is in a unique location to Tiffany & Co.  Pre 2003 Diamonds were not laser inscribed so then it comes down to linking the ring via the Diamond Characteristics to the paperwork

The second piece of information is the Diamond Characteristics:

This is the diamond described on the document. The Colour, Cut, Clarity and Size.  If the diamond matches the characteristics on the Diamond Certificate this gives assurance the diamond is the same as that listed on the paperwork. It would be near impossible for find the an exact diamond with the exact characteristics and then laser inscribe it on the unique location. 

The third piece of information is the SKU number:

On the inside of the band there is a unique code, this is the product number for this specific item.  This is unique in that is correlates to the exact sale.  ie. the time the item was purchase, from which store and which shop assistant. 

In Tiffany & Co's internal database they ALSO have the Colour, Clarity and Carat weight of the diamond which further cross references that the information on the paperwork is correct, and ergo the Diamond Ring is from Tiffany.

Tiffany & Co. 1.27tcw D/VS1 Grace Diamond Ring

The Tiffany Valuation Letter

On the Tiffany valuation letter we have similar, but yet different information again allowing the item to be linked back to Tiffany & Co.  In the paperwork itself there are hidden clues to with regards to authenticity which again we are going to keep private to protect the pre loved industry.

However on the Tiffany Valuation Letter you receive the following:

The Date of Purchase:

This allows you to be able to confirm the purchase date with Tiffany & Co's database which you can then also link to the Diamond described in the Tiffany Certificate

The Location of Purchase

There are Tiffany stores throughout the world.  This paperwork will allow you to identify specifically which store and country the ring was from.  This gives you further confidence to authenticity particularly when linking it back to Tiffany & Co's internal database.  

The SKU number:

This is also present on the Diamond Ring and on the Diamond Certificate however on the valuation form it enables you to link it to the original purchaser and also the date of purchase.

A description of the item:

For pieces that have added features such as diamonds on the shank or have a feature such as a halo, the Letter of Valuation will provide information such as the carat weight of the diamonds on the band.  The diamond certificate only ever focusses on the main central diamond.

Tiffany & Co. 1.12ct H/VVS1 Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The Tiffany Receipt

The Tiffany Receipt usually doesn't provide any further information than the Tiffany Valuation letter but is another way to cross reference the information and the item in hand.  We usually always prioritise the Tiffany Diamond Certificate and the Tiffany Valuation form, but the receipt is an added bonus.  As receipts also have their unique telltale signs it is also a very watertight way to confirm authenticity.

So with paperwork we are able to link the provenance of the Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring very clearly back to Tiffany & Co.

Having said all this, you can still determine authenticity of an item without paperwork.  

Tiffany & Co. 0.59 F/VS2 Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Authenticating a Diamond Ring without Paperwork

When a Tiffany Engagement ring has passed hands more than once what tends to happen is that over time paperwork tends to get lost.  It doesn't mean that the ring is not authentic if there is not paperwork, it is just more likely that the original owner would have been 2 or more owners ago.  If you have no paperwork, what is needed is a way of linking the diamond that you have in hand to what is on Tiffany & Cos records of sale.

You can use the Diamond Characteristics to confirm that is what is seen in the Database. Having at least 1 piece of paperwork, either the Valuation letter, the Certificate or the Receipt will help immensely.  However it is not impossible to do without. 

Simply use the SKU number on the inside band to ascertain the diamond characteristics. You can also have Tiffany & Co. sight the diamond laser inscription in store of the ring is post 2003 and also have Tiffany service the ring such as re sizing, cleaning or checking the setting. Also purchasing from someone who has dealt with several engagement rings with and without paperwork will always help provide reassurance.

In conclusion

We will always prefer Tiffany Diamond Rings with paperwork however it isn't impossible to purchase a genuine Tiffany Engagement Ring without paperwork. Just ensure that you do not pay a premium if the paperwork is not included.  We feel that with all the paperwork the diamond is worth nearly 30% more in value.

Buying from a reputable dealer will always give you reassurance and help you through this process as well.  Essentially someone who can assure you that the diamond you are purchasing is a genuine and authentic Tiffany & Co. piece.  To view our collection of authentic pre-loved Tiffany high end jewellery, please click here.


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