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When I was young my family toured Europe for 3 months.  My father is an Architect so our trip was focused around viewing the famous buildings and landmarks in the area.  During this trip we saw a Cathedral a day, multiple Roman ruins and several Colosseums.  

Often now I recognise a motif in a piece of jewellery originating from European architecture.  This holds no truer than with Bulgari Bvlgari Jewellery.   Bvlgari designs are bold and unique and are directly inspired from Roman and Greek Architecture.  

As Bvlgari was established in Rome 1884 it is not a surprise their designs are influenced directly by their rich environment.  Surrounded by history and ornate detail many of their pieces are directly inspired from architectural landmarks. This influence is seen most obviously in the Bzero1 range their most popular designs.  The linear lines and cylindrical shape is inspired by the famous Roman Building, the Colosseum. 

BZero1 Ring in White Ceramic and 18ct Rose Gold

Colosseum in Roma
We are fortunate to also have a piece of this history in our collection currently.  We have a Bvlgari Bzero1 pendant in solid 18ct Yellow Gold.  This lovely heavey charm encapsulates the same inspiration of the linear line and solid cylindrical shape.  You may view this here

With strong lines and a generous use of gold in the design they are instantly recognisable independent of their historical origins.  Bvlgari Bulgari pieces are a lovely interplay of history and modern design working closely together in synergy.  

We have just also acquired the stunning Bvlgari Bulgari Rose Gold Flip Ring.  This contains a flat top flanked by a supporting curved structure.  This is reminiscent of the the top of a roman pillar.  

Bvlgari Bulgari Rose Gold Flip Ring

Roman Pillar
You may view our latest acquisition the Bvlgari Bulgari 0.25ct Diamond and Rose Gold Flip Ring in our collection here.
To have a luxury brand so deeply rooted in their origins is both inspirational and sentimental.  Bvlgari continues to blaze the world with their unique designer jewellery whilst staying true to their original design aesthetic.   To me, wearing a Bvlgari piece is wearing a piece of european history.  In addition their pieces are substantial, heavy and beautiful. 
It's pretty special to be able to say that your Bvlgari Bzero1 Ring is based on the Colosseum in Roma or that your Bvlgari Flip Ring is based on a Roman Pillar.  If you would like to view our collection of pre-loved luxury jewellery from Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co. and Cartier - please click here.

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