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Catherine Trenton Jewellery

We asked people to give their thoughts on pre-loved jewellery for a competition we are running on Facebook. Our competition is still running so if you are based in Australia please check out our Facebook page here.  We had some amazing feedback in the first 24 hours which we shared on a previous blog post which you can also view here.

As our competition continues, we are finding even more wonderful thought out responses and are sharing them below:

"It means sometimes you can find something antique and whatever the piece is, it's now someone else's turn to love at a price they may not have been able to afford otherwise" JM

"I'd love a piece of vintage jewellery that has a story behind it so I could continue the story" NJ

"Buying pre-loved Jewellery you know it's been someone's sentimental treasure and also if it's ole you can assure it's great quality. People will be asking where you got that from. I'd say CTJ look out." RS

"Buying pre-loved jewellery is such a better option when money is hard to come by. Plus right now we need to support local businesses as much as we can." KR

"They last forever and still look beautiful" VP

"Pre-Loved jewellery is the best because it carries a piece of the previous owner and in some way by buying it you are reassuring that person that it will be loved and cared for. Also the quality is there. I just absolutely love pre-loved jewellery." LH

"Pre-Loved Jewellery allows you to continue a story, instead of starting a brand new one." SL

"How can you go wrong? If antique it can never be outdated. Pre-Loved you're guaranteed quality, uniqueness, history, sustainability - plus more bang for your buck." DM

"Buying pre-loved could lead to a unique stylish and sentimental piece with a special story. It's also doing your bit for a green footprint. Recycle, upcycle and enjoy." RG

"I love recycled jewellery it tells a story, it's been at lots of placed and next it goes around my neck.: SMG

"Stunning Timeless pieces, Character and qualities assured. Kind to earth and pockets. Loving them once more plus beautiful treasures create memories. Continuing from the days gone!" BG

"I love giving all different kinds of things a second life and jewelry is no exception, it anything it's got character." JT

"There's more variety, plus individual stories behind each piece. Re-loving is better for the environment and it's more affordable meaning I can buy more!" CN

"The benefits are overwhelming and simple really - I adore unique, high class and luxury jewellery and I'm not a millionaire" DG

"I love the affordability, the option of getting more for my dollar to mix and match and sometimes finding that special highly desirable, unique piece." TR

"Glamourous, Historic, Romantically Mysterious, Timeless and Unique pieces that support sustainability while durability and style are guaranteed through the test of time at brilliant prices." JG

"Gold is Gold, new, pre-loved or old and I would buy it wherever sold. Yes." AP

"Feeling you've rescued some special mystery, it's waited for you. Endless dreaming, was it give up out of need, unrequited love, life lost? Lover interminably." LJ

"What I like about pre-loved jewellery is who owned this before me and what was their story..who gave it to them...why... I find it fascinating." DF

"It helps the environment, and adds to the charm as it was loved once and can be loved again." AB

Will update again in the next few days. Please enter the competition if you have not done so already.

Stay safe, wash hands and love from a distance. We will get through this together.


Catherine Trenton Jewellery

"We are an established boutique organisation specialising in pre-loved diamond designer jewellery from Tiffany & Co. and other luxury brands.

As experts in this niche trade we work hard to provide a safe and simple environment for buying and selling pre-loved fine diamond jewellery online. In January 2018 we also introducing our own line of fine jewellery.

Whether you are buying pre-loved, new or selling a piece of fine diamond designer jewellery, we put customer service first and aim to provide you with the best outcome possible."

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