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In light of the $635000 Tiffany & Co. Fancy Vivid Bluish Green Diamond Soleste Engagement Ring I've re posted this article on how Fancy Coloured Diamonds are graded.


We have just acquired an absolutely stunning Canary Coloured Diamond Engagement Ring in our collection!  This Yellow Tiffany & Co. Diamond and has been given the highest colour grade possible, a 'Fancy Vivid' Diamond.  Surrounded by a double halo of white diamonds this Soleste design is truly beautiful.

Vintage Tiffany and Co. Engagement Ring

The Fancy Coloured Diamond world is a completely different to the white diamond world.  The value of a white diamond is based on the absence of colour.  A white diamond is graded on the colour scale from D though to Z with a D coloured diamond exhibiting the least amount of colour and the Z coloured diamond exhibiting the most. 

Conversely a Fancy Coloured Diamond is when the intensity of the colour begins to become a positive attribute.  This occurs when the colour exhibited in a diamond is more than what a Z coloured diamond shows and the value of the diamond is enhanced.  In the Fancy Coloured Diamond World we see the beautiful coloured pink, canary, blue and green diamonds.  The most expensive and rarest diamond in the world is a Fancy Coloured Diamond. 

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds are graded on an entirely different scale to white diamonds.  Instead of being graded in the face down position as white diamonds are graded, they are graded in the face up position.  The coloured diamond scale is graded from diamonds exhibiting the least colour (Fancy Light) to exhibiting the most colour (Fancy Vivid). The coloured diamond scale is:

    • Fancy Light Yellow
    • Fancy Yellow
    • Fancy Intense Yellow
    • Fancy Vivid Yellow

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

To grade a diamond on this scale, the gemologist must take into account three attributes.  before choosing a grade for the diamond. They need to look at:

Saturation - The intensity of colour throughout the diamond ie how much colour is present

Tone - How dark or light the diamond is, ie brightness and 

Hue - The type of colour exhibited, ie blue, yellow, pink etc

If a diamond exhibits an intense colour saturation throughout, has a bright tone and an attractive hue, they will be granted the best grade in the scale being a "Fancy Vivid" diamond.  This is the most valuable Fancy Coloured Diamond.

Interestingly, clarity is not an important a grading factor when looking at a Fancy Coloured Diamond.  A diamond with the most beautiful saturation, tone and hue, will be valued by coloured diamond connoisseurs and command the highest price even if inclusions are present in the diamond. 

Tiffany & Co. Fancy Intense Blueish Green Diamond 
As Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid Coloured diamonds are rarer than their white counterparts, these Fancy Coloured diamonds command a higher price per carat weight.  Tiffany & Co. have just introduced into their Soleste Range a Fancy Intense Blueish Green Diamond that retails for a staggering $635000.  

As Fancy Coloured Diamonds are rarer they are harder to acquire pre-loved.  We are proud to currently have in our collection two Fancy Coloured Diamond pieces.  The rare to find Yellow Diamond Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Heart Pendant and a stunning Tiffany & Co. Fancy Vivid Canary Diamond Soleste Engagement Ring.  Unfortunately no Bluish Green Tiffany Diamonds as yet!!  To view our current collection please click here.


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  • CTJ on

    Hi Jackie! Thanks for the feedback :) Yes, that large Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Pendant was stunning. Very rare to find pre-loved. If you like something to act fast as once they are sold, they are gone!

  • Jackie on

    So bummed that you sold that Elsa Peretti heart pendant, it looks so great, my mom would have loved it! Gotta keep an eye on your new pieces, you have some cool ones!

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