Pre Loved Tiffany & Co. 1.12ct H/VVS1 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

We are so delighted to have our very first Tiffany & Co. Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement ring in our collection.  This stunning diamond is 1.12 carats in size and is H colour and VVS1 clarity.  We find Emerald cuts both alluring and glamorous and wanted to delve a little bit more into understanding this rare to find step cut diamond.
Emerald cut diamonds consist of elongated step cut facets with a larger table.  The way the diamond sparkles is more subdued than the typical round brilliant cut as the flashes are slower and longer due to the larger facets.  Emerald cuts require a very high quality diamond to ensure the end result is beautiful.  The larger table and facets means that inclusions are easily seen as well as any colour in the diamond.  Therefore the raw diamond to bein with must have little to no inclusions.  Consequently it is very difficult to find a large Emerald Cut diamond because the colour and clarity must be high.  Round Brilliant diamonds due to the higher number of facets refracting within the stone can mask inclusions and often SI1 or VS2 clarity Round Brilliant Diamonds can be used.  Emerald cuts on the other hand, hide nothing. 
This is one of the reasons we believe that Emerald Cut diamonds are often associated with engagement rings amongst the wealthy and elite. The flashes of a large Emerald Cut diamond is also less showy than a Round Brilliant and tends to be associated with understated glamour.
We are excited to see who will be the new owner of this absolutely stunning ring and are very proud to have this ring featured in our collection.
Update: We were delighted to sell this to a customer residing in New York to propose to his Girlfriend a Nurse, working on the front line during the Corona Virus Pandemic. 
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