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10 years ago, the concept of buying jewellery online for me was unknown. I remember shopping at Tiffany & Co. Waikiki in 2010 and they offered to post an item to me once we arrived back in Australia. Having jewellery sent to me in the post was so unknown to me, I didn't even trust Tiffany & Co. to get the item to me safely 

A couple of years later I was looking to create a 5 stone diamond ring. We looked at sourcing diamonds and found online was so much cheaper than a physical jewellery store. After purchasing the first diamond, we ended up getting the entire ring made online and saved several thousand off regular retail.

It was then I began researching selling jewellery online in Australia. By selling locally, my customers wouldn't need to be subject to import tax (15% when buying from overseas). I researched the postal method, ie could I send jewellery via Australia Post? How fast could it arrive? Could it be insured? Etc.

This is what I found out:
1. You are able to send jewellery in the post, fully insured
2. Delivery is fast, as quick as next day delivery for express post
3. With PayPal and Credit Card Payments you as the buyer are guaranteed to get the item as described and
4. With a returns policy, if the item isn’t want you want you can return the item for a full refund.

Fast forward to now, I see my customers as the some of the savviest buyers around. Some people save thousands of dollars shopping with us.

To learn more, read our blog article on buying jewellery online:

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